Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I caught a squirrel rooting around one of the prairie clovers I planted yesterday, so I got on the stick and made eleven little cylinders from hardware cloth, plus some staples from stiff wire to fasten them to the ground, and enclosed each of the little plants. I’d broken one of the plants yesterday, and saw tiny leaves at the end of the broken stem today. File that info under the question: Does pruning by grazers help prairie clover thrive? With the squirrels, I was more worried about their uprooting a plant in their mindless digging.

Yesterday evening, Barbara and I took the plastic bamboo from around the potato towers and harvested about fifteen pounds. This seems pretty good for less than ten square feet of garden, but we think we can do better next year, by planting earlier, and deeper in the towers.

The grape harvest continueth. Would that a herd of Disney centaurs arrived to perform it to the tune of famous Beethoven's famous Pastoral Symphony.

There’s a new addition in the basement, a soccer ball-sized wad of straw and oyster mushroom mycelium. Instructions say to spray it daily, and more frequently once the first ‘shrooms show.

I’m feeling a little writer’s block, not really being sure what to say. No great thoughts, so one word follows another. George Leonard in Mastery says that goals are a device to keep you practicing, practice being the important thing. So I write when I’m dry, but not too much.

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