Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanks To LETS South

Yesterday's Chris Alexander post turned up in Goosebreeder/Von's blog, LETS South - Barter Group for Fleurieu Peninsula, illustrated by a lovely piece of backyard design. I don't recognize the species, but I don't think those are guinea fowl on the steps. Look at the size of the water tank and the mature tree above it, and think about how nicely the household uses the site.

It looks like summer, and Fleurieu is around 35 degrees south, about equivalent to northern Alabama. The buildings aren't parallel, but I'm going to guess that the house faces the cardinal compass points. I thought I could figure out which direction we were looking, but it was tougher than I thought. A good Junior Woodchuck ought to be able to. I'll guess that we're looking a little south of east.

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Von said...

Thanks Tom.You'd be right and right again.They are Guinea range, sleep in a large gum tree at night and rush to greet me in the morning.
House more or less faces North at that point, not much symetry.The tank you see is our smallest, we have six others and are self-suffcient in water.A good feeling!
Have solar on the office building and have a garden that receives no water in Summer other than any drops of rain we may receive.It flowers like a dream in Spring.Last Summer we had over a week of temperatures over 40C.maybe I'd just better blog all this for you on the other blog, my personal one, drop by in a day or so and I'll tell you all about it.