Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is The Tea Party Racist?

Art Spiegelman (Maus, In the Shadow of No Towers) sketchbook page, circa 1973.

Barbara and I delivered together yesterday, 265 miles, the longest route yet. We saw two things. The first was a jogger, white guy, early middle age, no shirt, burn over deep tan. A little later we saw a billboard: "Tired of hope and Change?" Picture of a man from the shoulders down -- navy blue suit -- shredding the Constitution. The man's hand was so dark I couldn't tell it from the suit.

Interior, Day. Tea Party World Headquarters. Barney leans over his desk, talking through an intercom:

"Mabel, call the model agency. I need somebody else for the Obama billboard. No, he was a nice enough guy, but that jogger in shipping is darker than he was. Have them send over a real jigaboo this time. No, don't say it that way. Be, you know, 'politically correct.' People have to know it's Obama. PhotoShop? What's that?"

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