Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still A Space Cowboy (After All These Years)

I'm a space cowboy, which ain't a fer real cowboy, but it's pretty real. Yeah, it's real. Man.

Gotta credit Steve Miller for the phrase, maybe a better word for hippie, and it ain't that bad of a song:

All you back room schemers and small trip dreamers
Better find something new to say
Cause you're the same old story
It's the same old crime
And you got some heavy dues to pay.

What it's really about was in 1957, I'm sitting in my pajamas, Mattel Fanner Fifty strapped to my thigh, half pint ten gallon hat on my head, and I'm watching Have Gun Will Travel on Saturday night. Fast forward a dozen years, and Neil Armstrong is conquering the moon, I'm dropping acid like popcorn, in protest of the Vietnam War.

I'm sure you know where it's at.

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