Thursday, April 8, 2010

Scarcity, Abundance, And Sketchbook Pages

Violence comes from a sense of scarcity that's real, not an illusion. People do starve. One of the notions that The world's goods are unevenly distributed. Some of us have appropriated more than our share, some of us hate, but ultimately, we murder and steal because that seems better than starving. One notion that comes in a range of brands is "abundance." "There is no scarcity." "Scarcity betrays an unwillingness to exercise our imaginations." "We can reach abundance."

Talking with a friend the other day about human prospects, we were both pessimistic. I said it was up to sixtyish Americans. We're the ones with the information and the leisure to create abundance; besides, we have some unfinished business from forty years ago.

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Von said...

You bet we do!It's hard to keep up the optimism sometimes in the face of the greed, selfishness of the world and manipulation of money by bankers.