Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Rain Garden Grows

Neighborhood permaculture workshop on Saturday. There were ten or so of us, visiting four households, with local landscaper Russ Henry. Russ emphasized baby steps, rather than grand permaculture campaigns. He gave us insights into things like planting, soil health, pruning, native plants, and so on, recognizing the permaculture principles of storied planting, and energy flows. It was nice getting a small-p permaculture tour. Tell me when to plant the damned thing, and how to prune it. I've got the big idea, but I don't know jack.

Pictures are a continuation of my cherry tree rain garden project. The berm remains unplanted, and I've planted clover in the lower part, mostly to get a cover. (Click on the close-up and you can see the seeds. Amazing what the modern snapshot cameras can do.) Barbara is starting perennials in pots, and they'll go into the ground as they get some size.

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