Monday, January 28, 2013

Irannian Nukes and Economic Seppuku

Why should the Iranians have nuclear weapons when we can't trust them with rocks?

Groups of people have differring styles. As a white guy, I've noticed myself seeing the human vices of venality, intellectual laziness, etc., as black traits, when exhibited by American black people. This is in spite of my painful awareness of those vices among white people. It took me decades to notice that.

Can we extrapolate from my confusing  style and moral substance among my fellow citizens to a similar confusion on the world stage? The Persians are certainly uptight authoritarians, but I see the same impulse in my society. North Koreans are belligerent fools, but remove oil wealth, and measure US foolish belligerence against Kim Jong Drool. We're eager for Bashar al-Assad's abdication, but the world would be better off if rich developed world assholes committed economic seppuku.

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