Friday, January 18, 2013

Post-Transition Meeting Thoughts

I spent the evening at a Transition meeting for another neighborhood. One of the organizers asked me to come. maybe half of those attending were sixtyish. It was a well-run meeting and we talked about what we wanted to see in our neighborhood in 2020, and how did we expect tho get there.

I restrained myself from making provocative comments, and caricatured speakers. I had a nice chat with an MArch candidate, who was looking for a way to incorporate transition into her thesis.


If you take two Egyptian pyramids and glue them base-to-base, you have an octahedron.

Make an octahedron out of toothpicks and peas. You can use four of its eight sides as the bases for four tetrahedrons, collectively making a larger tetrahedron.


Transition plans for scarcity. Bucky would not approve, but we haven't implemented his plan, and time groweth short. No Utopia, but I'll be damned if I let Oblivion be the outcome.


I'd be a serf, if that were what it took to save civilization. Hope it don't come to that.

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