Thursday, September 23, 2010

Drawings, Aches And Pains, And The Second Worst Bank In The World

I've been icing an aching back. What I think is a cramp started in my hip, and migrated to just a little southwest of my left shoulder blade. At one point I was afraid the Stillwater police would have to stick their oar in, because an old guy, in distress, was trying unsuccessfully to lie down on a riverfront picnic table. Beautiful day in a beautiful town: antique downtown buildings; sailboats moored nearby; frisky young dog chasing a tennis ball.

Barbara, executrix of her mother's will, learned in conversation with the Distelfink, PA, Recorder of Wills, that her mother's bank was "the second worst bank in the world." What is your obligation, if you are an employee of the the second worst bank in the world?

Above, four drawings done in Monday and Tuesday drawing sessions. Between the two, I made eight drawings, only one I would call "good," the reclining nude. The unfinished clothed model, whose hand grasps the tubular chair, is typical of the eight. I was making an effort to measure, and get everything in its right place, a skill that comes and goes with me. I abandoned this attempt when I realized that different parts disagreed. The portrait and the standing nude are two middling-quality examples. The portrait is a near likeness, and is a little overworked. The standing nude is fairly solid, which I like, and is a decent likeness, but has some real proportion problems, a dinky left hand and the top half's being too small for the bottom being most obvious.

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