Monday, October 18, 2010

Farmers' Market, Peak Oil, And The Midnight Knock On The Door

Saturday's Farmers' Market was our last outdoor market of the year. Sam and Marissa manned the booth for a while, both being great outgoing Barsy's Almonds personalities. A pair of activists were leafleting people entering, passing out the "Scare the Spooks" piece, and later another group had an anti-war demonstration.

The Scare-the-spooks thing is so creepy (FBI conduct sounds more like the KGB of grade school propaganda), I asked the canvassers if they didn't think the targeted activists might not have been up to some mischief. They said not. The peace demonstrators were in good humor, with chicken (chicken?) costumes and a trumpeter.  Friendly car horn responses were almost constant. It seemed like the organizers had some economic understanding, which is good, but their emphasis was on protest.

Unlike neighbor Sean Gosiewski, who was leafletting for his organization Alliance for Sustainability's November 13 Transition Towns & Neighborhood Sustainability Networking Fair. I'd like to see a strong protestor presence at the Fair. The protesters' analysis of our Afghan occupation is that we need a base in the region to secure petroleum flow. So far so good, but what are we going to do instead? Sean's barking up the right tree, but not loudly enough. The protesters are barking loudly (and getting a lot of agreement, given the honking horns), but they're under the wrong tree.

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