Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Systems Approach To Economic Recovery

If the rich aren't burdened with regulatory and tax burdens, this will free them to create wealth for society. In times when society's back is against the economic wall, we are foolish to so burden them. That's the theory, anyway.

It's more like they're children who tell their parents the family won't have to hire a plumber to fix the toilet, if the parents let them shit on the floor. Forgetting for a minute that resource limits play a big part in current economic stresses, the business cycle has periods of growth and recession because need for goods is saturated.

Where are there unmet needs? If we know, we can direct capital toward them, most effectively stimulating the economy. Here are two good places:

     * Building an industrial base for a civilization that runs ecologically and on solar-power;

     * Poor people --  a demographic whose need for goods is not saturated.

Where will we get the dough? Not by borrowing. We won't ever be able to repay. Not from the government's non-military discretionary budget. There's not much there. It has to come from the military, and to a lesser extent, from the wealthy.

H- Bomb graphic from Makers of the Nuclear Holocaust (A Guide to the Nuclear Weapons Complex and Citizen Action), edited by Sam Day (1981, 2nd edition, 24 pp.; $1.50 (then) postpaid from AFSC, Rocky Flats/Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project, 1660 Lafayette, Denver, CO 80218). AFSC is the American Friends Sevice Committee.

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