Monday, October 4, 2010

Sam's Wedding

We married Sam off on Saturday, the wedding in our immature urban permaculture plantation. From top to bottom:

     *The bride, Marissa Bremer of the Plymouth (Minnesota) Bremers. Dig that dress! She's standing on the street side of the hedge. On the ground behind Marissa, you can see a plant in a short cage. This is a hazel nut bush. Shortly before the wedding, some animal ate one of the baby hazels. We're lucky to live in a neighborhood in which you can call somebody up and ask, "Do you have any spare hazel bushes?" as though you were borrowing a cup of sugar.

     * The wedding party at the rehearsal. Note the "dude of honor" and the "groom's woman." (Guess which witness is a Minnesota state cop.)

     * The mothers, Barbara Spenader, and Mary Kay Bremer.

     * Father of the bride, Larry Bremer.

     * The groom.

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