Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Story About My Brother And Father Kelly

Left to right, Tom, Bridgid, Denny, Tim. Here's a story about Tim.

In the fifth or sixth grade, Sister Assissium told Tim's class that the people in some part of the world were poor because they were Communists. Tim ventured the opinion that these folk might be Communists because they were poor. Assissium made Tim stand out in the hall.

Father Kelly, the young assistant pastor came along, and asked Tim why he was out there. He told Tim that he didn't want to see him there again.

This happened in 1961 or so. Father Kelly -- "call me Joe" -- went on to become the local radical priest, and a friend of the family. When I heard the story about Tim, it included a story about Joe Kelly's hearing the story, and saying, "Tell Tim I'm sorry."

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